A4/B4 PP Transparent Box File

The A4/B4 Clear PP Box is the ultimate storage solution designed to keep your documents organized, easily accessible, and protected. Made from high-quality polypropylene, this durable file organizer ensures longevity. Its clear design allows for quick document retrieval, while the spacious interior securely holds hundreds of pages. With a convenient snap closure, your files are safeguarded from dust, moisture, and spills. The box features an ergonomic handle for easy portability and is stackable, optimizing your storage space. Its sleek design adds a professional touch to any environment. Invest in this must-have document holder to experience an organized and efficient workspace.

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Introducing the A4/B4 Clear PP Box – the ultimate storage solution for any organization’s needs. This versatile file organizer is designed to keep documents, files and important papers in perfect order while providing easy access and unmatched protection.


This clear file box is made from high-quality polypropylene (PP) and is built to last. The sturdy construction ensures durability, and the clear design makes it easily visible, making it easy to find and retrieve the documents you need. Whether you’re a student, professional, or busy parent, this storage box is an essential tool for keeping your workspace or home office clean and tidy. A4/B4 size file folder that can store various documents such as contracts, reports, and presentation materials. The spacious interior holds up to hundreds of pages, and everything stays firmly in place. The file folder also features a convenient snap closure to ensure your files are protected from dust, moisture and accidental spills.

The functionality of this storage box is further enhanced by its versatile design. It features an ergonomic handle for easy portability, making it easy to move files between locations or within your workspace. Plus, the file boxes are stackable, so you can create a customized filing system that optimizes your storage space.

This A4/B4 size clear PP folder not only provides great functionality but also adds a professional touch to any environment. The sleek and modern design enhances the look of your workplace and impresses your customers, colleagues and visitors. Say goodbye to cluttered stacks of paper and get an organized and efficient work environment.


Invest in this must-have document holder and start experiencing the benefits of an organized space. Whether you’re a student, professional, or home organizer, our A4/B4 size clear PP boxes are the perfect storage solution. Keep your documents safe, easily accessible and professionally displayed with this reliable file organizer. Don’t settle for clutter. Choose our transparent file box and manage your documents today!

Colours available: Gray, Pink, Purple, White/Blue, White/Green, Blue

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