Abel Push Pin Colour | Multi Coloured Push Pins | For Bulletin Board | Office and Home Use

Abel Push Pin Colour: Vibrant and Functional

Brighten up your workspace with these eye-catching push pins. Their vivid hues allow for easy organization and color-coding of your important notes and documents. With a sharp and durable design, they securely hold your papers without damaging them. Whether in the office, classroom, or home, these versatile push pins add a touch of style and functionality to any display. Stay organized and creative with Abel Push Pin Colour!

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Add a splash of color and functionality to your bulletin board or corkboard with Abel Push Pin Colour. These vibrant and versatile push pins are designed to brighten up your workspace while keeping your important notes, memos, photos, and documents organized in style.


Eye-Catching Assortment: Say goodbye to dull and ordinary push pins! The Abel Push Pin Colour set features a delightful assortment of vivid hues, allowing you to easily color-code and categorize your pinned items. Organize your ideas, reminders, and inspirations with a touch of personal flair.

Superior Grip and Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, Abel Push Pin Colour ensures a secure grip on your papers and materials without leaving unsightly holes or damaging them. The sturdy and durable design guarantees repeated use, making these push pins a reliable addition to your office supplies.

Effortless Pinning: Featuring a sharp and finely pointed tip, these push pins effortlessly penetrate bulletin boards, corkboards, and even cubicle walls. Pin and reposition your items with ease, creating an ever-changing and dynamic display.

Versatile Use: These push pins are not limited to office spaces only! Whether you’re organizing project boards, displaying artwork, or pinning up grocery lists in the kitchen, Abel Push Pin Colour offers endless creative possibilities.

Ideal for Home, School, and Office: From classrooms to home offices to corporate settings, these vibrant push pins adapt seamlessly to any environment. Organize your study materials, presentations, or daily to-do lists with a burst of color.

Functional and Decorative: Beyond their practicality, Abel Push Pin Colour also adds a touch of visual appeal to your workspace. Elevate the aesthetics of your bulletin board or corkboard with these charming and playful push pins.

Stay Organized in Style: Upgrade your organizational game with Abel Push Pin Colour and add a fun and functional twist to your workspace. Keep your documents secure, your reminders visible, and your creativity flowing with this set of lively and dependable push pins.



Enhance the organization and visual appeal of your workspace with Abel Push Pin Colour. With its eye-catching assortment of colors, superior grip, and versatile use, these push pins make a dynamic and stylish addition to any bulletin board or corkboard. Stay organized, stay creative, and make a statement with Abel Push Pin Colour!

Quantity: 15 pieces , 1×10 Pkt

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