Genmes PVC ID Card/ Badge Slot Punch | Metal Slot Punch

Genmes PVC ID Card/Badge Slot Punch – your passport to professional, polished identification. Elevate your organization’s image with this precision tool designed to flawlessly punch slots in PVC cards and badges, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated look for your team.

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Genmes ID Card/ Badge Slot Punch is designed to allow clean punches.  Excellent quality slot punch for PVC ID card lanyard hole making.

Key Features:

    1. Professional-Grade Precision: The Genmes PVC ID Card/Badge Slot Punch sets the standard for professional-grade precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this slot punch ensures clean and accurate holes, perfect for lanyards and badge attachments.
    2. Excellent Quality Construction: Quality you can feel. Engineered with durability in mind, this slot punch is constructed from top-notch materials, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Invest in a tool that stands up to the demands of consistent use.
    3. Effortless Operation: Say goodbye to complicated processes. The Genmes Slot Punch is designed for effortless operation, allowing you to create lanyard holes with ease. Streamline your card-making process and achieve a polished, professional look every time.
    4. Versatile Compatibility: Whether you’re creating ID cards for a corporate event, conference, or educational institution, this slot punch is your versatile companion. Compatible with PVC materials, it ensures a seamless integration into your card-making workflow.
    5. Compact and Portable: Compact in size and portable, the Genmes Slot Punch is perfect for on-the-go card-making needs. Bring efficiency to your events, conferences, or offices without compromising on the quality of your ID card production.
    6. Ideal for DIY Projects: For the DIY enthusiast or small business owner, the Genmes PVC ID Card/Badge Slot Punch opens the door to creativity. Design and customize your ID cards with confidence, knowing that each punch will be precise and professional.

Size: L136*W68*H22 mm

Hole: 15*4mm

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