Centre 5 Colour Index File | With Dividers | A4

The Centre 5 Colour Index File is more than just a file – it’s a celebration of order and vibrancy. Redefine the way you organize your documents with the Centre 5 Colour Index File.

Product Specifications: L311 x W254 x H7 mm

Colours Available: Red, Blue, Black

Availability: In Stock

Step into the world of organized excellence with the Centre 5 Colour Index File – a masterpiece designed to bring order and vibrancy to your document management. This uniquely crafted file combines functionality with a burst of colors, offering not just dividers but a sophisticated system of individual pages with fasteners. Elevate your organizational experience and make a statement with the Centre 5 Colour Index File.

Dimension: L311 x W254 x H7 mm

Colours Available: Red, Blue, Black

Key Features:

  1. Vivid 5-Colour Dividers: Immerse yourself in a world of organization where each color represents a distinct section. The Centre 5 Colour Index File introduces a vibrant palette, making it easy to categorize and locate your documents with a glance.
  2. Individual Pages for Precision: Unlike traditional index files, each section of the Centre File is comprised of individual pages. This unique design allows for focused organization within each color-coded divider, providing precision in categorizing and retrieving your documents.
  3. Fasteners for Secure Placement: The inclusion of fasteners ensures that your documents stay securely in place within their designated sections. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your papers are neatly arranged and won’t shuffle or fall out during use.
  4. Durable Construction for Longevity: Crafted with durability in mind, this file guarantees longevity in your organizational journey. The robust materials ensure that your Centre File remains a steadfast companion, preserving the integrity of your documents over time.

Note: Product may vary slightly from images due to photoshoot lighting conditions and screen settings.

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