Cox Mathematic Set 9-Pc | With Detachable Mechanical Pencil

Embark on a mathematical journey filled with precision, creativity, and style with the Cox 9-Piece Mathematics Set.

Product specifications: L180 x W96 x H23 mm

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Introducing the Cox 9-Piece Mathematics Set – A gateway to mathematical excellence, providing you with the essentials needed to conquer any mathematical challenge.

Product specifications: L180 x W96 x H23 mm

Key Features:

  1. Complete Mathematical Arsenal: The Cox 9-Piece Mathematics Set is a comprehensive toolkit, carefully curated to cover all your mathematical needs. It includes a ruler, protractor, eraser, mechanical pencil, pencil lead refill, compasses and set squares. This set equips you with the essential tools for success.
  2. Versatile Applications: Whether you’re a student, teacher, architect, or hobbyist, the Cox 9-Piece Mathematics Set adapts to your diverse mathematical applications. From plotting graphs to drafting technical drawings, this set is your reliable mathematical companion.
  3. Sturdy Storage Case: Keep your mathematical arsenal organized and protected with the sturdy storage case included in the Cox 9-Piece Mathematics Set. The sleek and compact case ensures that your tools are readily available whenever inspiration strikes.

Note: Product may vary slightly from images due to photoshoot lighting conditions and screen settings.

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